New Barn and visiting Kira

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Barn

Well it has now been a little over a month since I moved Duck to her new barn. She is LOVING having so much room to move around and grass to nibble on. We have been playing a lot at liberty between her pasture and in the cross ties. I am teaching her to stay in the cross ties without being tied to be groomed, saddled, etc. She is picking it up very quickly!

A couple weeks ago we were able to ride out with the barn owner and see the trails. Duck did great! There is even a gate to open and shut to get on/off the trails, so it was fun to have practiced that and to use it! The trails are quiet in some places, and close to suburbia in others with barking dogs, swimming pools and such. Duck did great! We only had one spook and that was when we were out in the open, with 2 horses in the distance running the fenceline. She did great while we were heading towards them but then they stopped and we turned away from them and headed back into the woods at the same time they started running again. Our one rein emergency stop is great though, so it was no big deal and she settled in fine right after that again.

We also have attended the Lake Norman Savvy Club's trail obstacle day. That was a lot of fun! Although we didn't stay long at all, just to do the trail challenge, it was tons of fun to do all those new things. Opening a mailbox and reading mail, trying to cross a tarp at speed, crossing then backing over a bridge, jumping a small jump, trying to get her front feet into a hula hoop and do a yield the hindquarters, as well as dragging a bag (we skipped that one but I tried it afterwards) were some of the obstacles.

I left right after I did the course because I had family with me and lots to do that day, but we ended up winning! I was super surprised and pleased, although that wasn't why I did it. I just wanted to expose us to more things! It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to doing it again in October.

Next week will be another Lake Norman Savvy Club playdate. Online in the morning and freestyle in the afternoon with Demo's from instructors over lunch. Sounds like a great day and will be good for us to get out again!

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Parelli Central said...

Now that the weather is getting better, playdays are so much fun! Happy to hear that you and Duck like the new barn....

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central